Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Swatches & NOTD : Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish + Crystal Base & Topcoat

Hi Beauties!

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to learn something new. And after seeing beauty bloggers everywhere sporting unbelievably amazing nail art design, so why not? I think i'm going to start doing nail art, i think nail art could also complete a themed makeup which i'm doing a lot.

I also post in English just because i want to. I don't know for the next post. Haha.

Okieee, so here it is my first-time ever nail polish haul and swatches.

The main reason why i bought these polishes is because it's on December '12 promo. Normal price for Pure Colour nail polish is idr 29.900 and i got it for 20.900 a bottle. While the Crystal Base&Topcoat was 39.900 after discount. Cheap? You tell me.

Also i got them delivered to my house since my friend is Oriflame's BC. The thought of having to go to the mall -using public transport with a toddler on my lap on this rainy season- just to pick up a few bottles of nail polishes really creep me out. So...


I got 4 shades out of total 15 colour choices : Burgundy, Intense Pink, Baby Pink and Pearly Beige. And i bought the Crystal Base&Topcoat after reading some good reviews about it. Quite a save choice :)

ingredients (kind of) and it has BPOM License, so no worries.

I love the stacked-sticky labels (is that a word?) on the back, peeling them is so delicious, hahaha *freak*.

The darker colors has thicker texture than the light one. I found baby pink is the thinnest of four.

About the smell....I honestly expect them not to smell so stingy like old-fashioned polish my sister use when i was 5. But they do. The first time i tried these babies was on my small closet, it took only 10 minutes to get my head spins as i'm not used to this kind of smell. Afterwards, i always use them in the terrace.

But it's not that bad though, i can't even stand Zwitsal's baby cologne. :))

First Coat: The instructions says to apply two coat, but i found intense pink is quite satisfying for the first coat, others still looked transparent. Intense Pink also has glossy finish and not pearly like others.

All are easy to apply except for the shade Pearly Beige which was new shade at that time. I already shake it, but it's always leaves brush stokes and just uneven. I hope the brush are bigger, so i don't have to dip it twice for each nails.

Second Coat: Things get better and i'm loving the Burgundy so much. While the Intense Pink looked...lumpy? I still hate the Pearly Beige although it doesn't looked that bad on photographs.

Last, i added topcoat. All dries for about 1 minute for the first coat, longer at the second and even longer as i add more coats. It's not a problem for me, I'd rather not doing my nails than having to rush doing it.

From all five i love Crystal Topcoat and Burgundy the most. Very wearable and versatile.

And here it is, my first NOTD using Burgundy and Baby Pink:

Yea, it's still so messy i had to learn more. XD

I saw ombre nails tutorial first on Pinterest, but you can see the full detailed version from Glamour Magazine, just click here to see.

You might also want to check Oriflame's latest catalogue (Indonesian). They had a lot of promo this month, I'm eye-ing on their new eyeshadow palette :D

Ok, so i hope you like it. Pardon my bad English. Thanks for reading. ;)



4 komentar:

  1. aaah mw coba juga deh bikin ombre gtu.kayaknya gak perlu ketelitian khusus yaa *sotoy* hehe

  2. iya, dirapihinnya belakangan sama pake topcoat aja biar ngga tralu grunjulan :D

  3. I hv this nail paint in purple pink shade & I find it very fluorescent & tacky kind of shade. I dont like it & neither does it suit my medium complexion.
    And I also dont like d finish of this nail polish. Its not that glossy & classy like Lakme true wear. I really like their finish. This one is kind of streaky in look.
    Also, d shade is not what it says or appears in d catalogue. Its bright pink, no purple tone.

    But I solved that problem. I hv a nail paint in light blue shade from Revlon which I got free with 2 other shades that I bought & it was lying unused. I applied a coat of that on this purple pink shade & wow! it gives d true purple pink shade that u see in d catalogue. It looks double shaded & nice & everybody liked it that way :) Me happy coz now I can use both my unused nail paints :)

  4. Eh sekarang juga ada yang baru loh.. celana dan kaos kaki bergabung, jadi deh legging wudhu pelangi... tanpa ribet lepas pasang kaos kaki saat wudhu. nih klik aja link nya
    Legging Wudhu Pelangi