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Etude House Haul + Favorites


Sooo, Last month -i guess-, i was invited to Etude House Indonesia's 5th Anniversary at Ratatouille Bistro Jakarta. On that event, Etude House Indonesia also releases a new product, which is Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I'm sure Any Cushion is one big excitement for BB cream lovers, but i'm obviously not included. I'm a foundation girl all the way, i always feel kinda meh about bb creams -the whitish shade and there's something in it that irritates my skin-, although nowadays many bb creams already put ingredients list in english, I'm still hesitant to try another. I actually love the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB from Etude, too bad it's breaking me out soon after 3 days of use, I cannot deal anymore breakouts, just no. And now, Le BB cream decided to come in compact packaging..............-long pause- Well, sorry Etude but I'll have to pass.


Of course there are Etude House products that i really-really love. I personally love the brand, all the pinks and sweets and thoughtful little details instantly caught my heart. And since i got a 1 mio shopping voucher (whispers ; thanks Etude House Indonesia.... ;D ) from the event, so i decided to restock some of them. Here are the list:

1. Tear Drop Powder

This product is a finely milled version of cosmetic glitter, i love this because it is softer than regular glitter but not too soft to become a metalllic eyeshadow, so it still had sparkles and stay longer than regular glitter on my skin. I believe this teardrop powder was meant to be applied on tearduct to brighten your eyes. Etude House has a liquid version of this product which is easier to apply, but to me this powder version is more versatile and i can use them in many kind of way.

I bought two shade ; white and violet. The white tear drop powder is kind of similar with most silver glitter, only there's no greyish undertone to it so it's true white. While the Violet tear drop powder is more interesting to me, if applied on tear duct it will not only brighten but also freshen and somehow make my brown eyes pop. :)

2. Lipsticks : Dear My Blooming Lips Talk BE101 & Look At My Lips #19

Yup, I ridiculously bought two similar nude lipstick. I ended up giving the DMB to my mom in law, i tell her i already use it few time and she doesn't mind, i think she fall in love with the packaging, hahaha. Both lipstick has warm a beige undertone, only the DMB is slighty pinkier. The texture and aroma is quite similar, DMB is creamier and more opaque while LAM has a bit watery feel to it. Swatches on my lips are below:

Both lipstick have an average staying power, they will come off entirely after 5hours or so. These are easy everyday lipstick, but i find it best if paired with soft daytime smokey eye.

3. Watercolor Blusher No.1 Pink

Although i have a normal-oily skin, i always prefer cream/gel blusher instead of powder. I love how it melt into my skin and gives a fresh flush, i love how natural it looks. Another thing that i love about cream/gel blusher is although most of them does not have shimmer but they doesn't looked flat like a matte powder blusher, it finishes effortlessly dewy.

The first thing i notice about this blusher is its packaging, so cuuute :D The texture is lighter than cream blusher, easier to blend and stays longer on my skin. I reminds me of cheek stain, but does not dry as fast as cheek stain so i still have time to blend them evenly. As you can see the color is quite sheer, but it is very buildable. I use 2-3 layers for photoshoot because my camera tends to drown colors, and 1 layer for daily makeup.

4. Eyeliners : Oh M'Eye Line & Line Nuance Duo #1

This is the first time i try these 2 products. Oh m'Eye Line is a black liquid eyeliner. I don't bother it at first, i put it on my basket just because it's cheap, hahaha. But turns out the performance is great! I love how very black the color is, and how it dries into peels. So instead of melting, this eyeliner will turns into flakes when i'm accidentally rub my eyes, I'm considering this product to be my favorite eyeliner. Hey Maybelline Hypersharp, you got a competition here! :D

The line nuance duo #1 is a dual ended makeup pencil, white eyeliner on an end and light champagne shimmery cream to powder eyeshadow on the other. The white eyeliner has a tiny glitter in it, could be cute if only it is not too dry. I tried a few time applying the eyeliner to my waterline, and almost got nothing on it. But i love the eyeshadow, i like to apply it on my tear duct and a little bit on the center on my eyelid as a finishing touch, and there you go; bright eyes in 3 seconds :)

Okay so this is the end of my haul, but i want to tell you 2 more products i love from Etude House and always restock them:

- Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
A cheap an easy to use eyebrow pencil. I use dark brown which is perfect for my natural brow color. It has no reddish undertone and the hardness is just perfect, I'm heavy handed so i hate soft eyebrow pencil because i tend to apply too much then the line became too thick and finally ended up having a scouse brow :P . It also has a spoolie/brush to comb my eyebrow, and i love that the brush has cap so it wont get dirty or catch dust easily, just don't forget where you put the cap I've lost it many times before -well, two actually. this is my third pencil- :)

As you can see on the swatches above, i'm comparing the EH Drawing with NYX auto eyebrow pencil which has similar feature, both are dark brown but NYX has a slight reddish/orangey tone to it, that's why i love Etude House's better.

I wish Etude House will not stop making this product, love it!

- Oh M'Eye Lash Top Coat Clear Mascara.
Clear mascara is an essential product to any makeup lover, it is a very versatile product and i found it very handy. But, unfortunately not all brands carry them. It needs a little effort to find clear mascara on the market -here, in Indonesia-.  My previous favorite before Etude House was Oriflame, that they later discontinued. Then i tried Maybelline's which is a painful buy because i have to preorder them, i mean 3 weeks for a clear mascara? :/ Obviously an underrated product.

I'm more than relieved to find this product from Etude House. They're almost all the same when it comes to clear mascara so i don't have anything to complain about this product. My favorite way to use it is as an eyebrow setting after the drawing eyebrow pencil or use it as mascara for that no makeup-makeup kind of day.

Okay, so i guess this is the end of my post, thanks for reading Cantiks! What's your favorite Etude House products? Spill the beans!



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  2. Mbak, aku pengen nyobain NYX Auto Eyebrow itu kan kalo ntar pensilku yg skrg habis, rencana mau ambil yg Charcoal sm Dark Brown. Tapi masih bingung nih liat yang Dark Brown kok warnanya pas kamu swatch terang banget kayak Light Brown (yang di swatch Stella Lee:, sedangkan di review yang berikut ini warnanya cukup gelap:

    Jadi bingung swatch warna yang sebenernya yang mana, liat swatch bbrp blogger lain pun warnanya terang gitu. Aku ga suka coklat terang soalnya :(

  3. I also love etude house product! And those pavkaging looks cute hehe

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